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Loving: that adorable photo above taken by my sweet friend Kacie. She's got a pretty beautiful blog that you should definitely check out. Plus look at how adorable her sweet baby Gwyneth is. Love them. Miss them.

Reading: I'm thinking about what to start. Would love any suggestions but am thinking of beginning "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. Have you read it? Thoughts?

Watching: I am re-watching all the episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I do this at least once a year.... I also own every season but watching on Netflix means I don't have to change DVDs as much. Also anxious awaiting the arrival of all the Fall shows. New Girl anyone? Dexter? Yes please. Also...if Fall could arrive sooner...that would be great. Living in LA is kind of crappy in that seasons don't truly exist. That would be alright except I'm the kind of girl who LOVES fall. Leaves changing colors, pumpkin and chai lattes, cool crisp breezes, sweaters, BOOTS and scarves. Oh gosh, I NEED Fall to happen.

Thinking about: all the changes I want to make to streamline my shop, blog and overall brand. Thinking about hiring someone to do it so that it all looks the same and has cohesion. Part of me really wants to do this myself because it's the type of project I take pride in learning to do and then achieving. But I also know.... that I will make myself nuts doing it. So... choices.

Surprised by: the beautiful response via Instagram on my new hoop designs. You can follow me: beautifulblendings if you don't already. I can't wait to get them photographed and put into the shop. Should be in the next couple of weeks (I want to bust out a few more designs first) but should you want anything before then just let me know!

Making me sad: work. I like the money that I make serving/bartending but if I'm being totally real here.... I'm pretty terrible with people. Usually they just annoy me. And that's not how you're supposed to feel as someone serving people. Oops. I just wish I had a job that made me money that also made me happy. It is my tagline after all, "Do what you love, love what you do." I think it's something many of us struggle with. I know my girl Julie just did the amazing kick ass courageous step of quitting her day job to work from home. Freaking amazing and SO happy for her! Are you happy with what you do?

Making me happy: great music stations on Pandora and Spotify. I love hearing music from my college days like Radiohead and Sigur Ros. It's so awesome when music is connected with memories and the body can send you back to the way you felt the very first time you heard that particular artist or song. Also very happy about spending moments with my man this past week, eating key lime ice cream from Ben and Jerry and something else very exciting that I can't quite mention yet. OH, and of course GIVEAWAY WINNERS! If you entered the Paperclouds Giveway for a custom return address stamp.... you may want to check out here (rafflecopter will let you know). I'll be emailing soon to hook you up with your prize!

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Danielle for providing the original inspiration for these posts.

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  1. Very lovely blog! Followed. :)
    Please visit mine and let me know what you think. Follow if you love! :) Thank you!:)


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