PoshMark. an app for the fashion lover.

The past few week I've been thinking a lot about starting a "shop my closet" Instagram account like many of my blogger friends have doing lately. The only cons to it were that I would have to sign in and out every time I wanted to use it as IG doesn't allow for multiple account use from one device (like Twitter does). AND.... to be honest I'm not completely sure the legality of selling items from your IG account. Definitely don't want any trouble there.

Then I discovered the fabulous app Poshmark. With Poshmark you can upload photos of your items straight from your phone, add all the details and run your own closet. It's great because there's already a whole community of shoppers, you can comment and ask questions and invite your twitter, facebook and email contacts to join!

This is a peek of what the main page looks like (from my laptop) but it's all in one column (similar to IG) when you see it from your phone. You see the feed of recently posted items from your friends and can click on each item for more details and photos.

This is my current closet with the few items I've added so far. It's been really fun to see people liking each item and having conversations about what they might want to purchase.

I've also already purchased from two other sellers so far and what's great about Poshmark is that even though they take a small percentage from the purchase, there's a flat shipping rate of $7 and once someone makes a purchase; they send the seller a pre-paid shipping label. Also.... the seller doesn't receive money until you've gotten your item safely in the mail, made sure everything was ok and confirmed it on the site.

Listing an item is super easy also. First you hit the "Sell" button (the camera icon in the bottom middle). It goes straight to the camera so you can take up to four pictures.

See the camera? 

Then once your pictures are set you fill in all the other details about the item: price, size, details, etc.

Fill in the details
And then you're done!

It's great because I feel more secure about not only my sales but also what I'm purchasing. If there's anything wrong with something I've ordered; I know Poshmark is there to take care of me. On #shopmycloset sales on IG there's really no guarantee.

Check it out. Tell me what you think. And use the code:   HJSQU   when you register and you'll get a free $5 credit to use toward your first purchase!


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