So I LOVE getting my nails done. I kind of have the worst/ugly habit of biting my cuticles and when I get my nails done.... it keeps me from biting so much because I want to keep my fingers looking pretty.

OPI-Big Apple Red

But, getting your nails done every 2 weeks or so (especially if they grow faster) can be quite expensive. Usually I'll use deals on things like Living Social or GrouponNow to save a little money but you can end up going to a lot of different salons; some with not so great results.

Plus for me (as a bartender during my "working" hours), I really have to spend some extra $$ when I get my nails done because I always opt for the gel polish. If you haven't tried this option you really should. It usually costs about $15 extra, you ONLY need it for your nails (no toes) and it lasts for at least 2 weeks without a single chip or scratch. Albeit can be a bit more challenging to take off and you'll probably need to hit the salon again for them to remove it professionally; but it's dry the second they finish your manicure and I seriously swear by this stuff.

What happens when you pick at your gel//All freshened up with a sparkle touch. 

Getting my nails done is that little treat I like to give myself if ever I have the extra cash, or if I'm going out on a girls day and want the ultimate relaxing experience while chatting about clothes and boys. Ha, yes you can still do that at 26 years old while dating the same guy for 4 years. Trust me, there's always plenty to talk about.

Something a bit darker for the *HOPE* of Fall soon arriving in LA.

But like I said before.... I'm no millionaire and so obviously as much as I love kicking back in a massage chair and letting someone pretty up my phalanges for me; sometimes I just have to suck it up and do it myself. Of course my own manicures never last as long, take FOREVER to dry and I ALWAYS smudge or chip them in the first day..... but you can still do fun stuff with the help of a few embellishments and some good polish.

Mustache Mani by yours truly.

So this little mustache mani was created by yours truly after a day of deciding that it just wasn't in the budget this month for a day of mani/pedi in the salon. The color is "eiffel for you" by LOREAL and the awesome mustache decals were obtained through my LoveClub box a few months back. BUT, don't worry because they are made by Made by Munchies Mama and you can purchase them here for just $5 AND in a variety of colors. There are also other cute designs like bows, chevron and and stripes.

So whatever your mani style, be sure to enjoy it and have fun. And if you hate the results.... no worries. You can always change the color. Or go nude. ;)

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  1. THAT looks like fun! I wanna come with you!


  2. OMG - I'm obbessed with your mustache mani! Such a cute/fun idea :)


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