Happy Monday

::sometimes i wish i had skipped the whole college degree and just became a traveler. figuring it all out as i moved along.
::when i go to the ocean, i am always overcome. especially on the Oregon coast i just can't help but rip off all my warm clothes and go dancing through the tides.
::i don't know if i believe in marriage. and I'm scared to death of it. but i want it still.
::the sound of a piano melts me. i yearn to know how to play.
::play the best song you've never heard, as you drive through the dark with the windows down in the middle of summer. pay attention to this moment. keep it.
::sit back, relax, and enjoy the music. or the moment. just once. in a week. then do it again tomorrow.
::i won't settle for what i have now. but i won't dare take another day for granted.
::i am unhappy. alot. someone told me once that we make our own happiness. and then later told me we wouldn't always be friends. what is happiness without friendship?
::i miss old friends. sometimes i wonder why my best memories always seem to be in the past. i would love to be excited about the future but i can't be certain that excitement is the proper feeling to have about it.
::somewhere between being young and 'grown-up' i lost my spirit. i stopped going for what i wanted and started doing what i thought i was 'supposed to'. it ends now.
::send mail. its better than flowers. and when you are so used to only receiving bills in that box it will astound you (and someone else) to find something uplifting there.
::someone who will hold you when you cry is a great value. someone who will cry in front of you is someone you can trust forever.
::if i could take one thing out of my life right now it would be my worry for the things only of the present. things like unpaid bills, homework un-done, and the things i couldn't do today. cause when i die none of it will have mattered.
::if you don't like me...you don't. but just leave me alone. don't hurt me more. if you do like me...you do. but be with me. and don't hurt me.
::people need to be told when they do something that's appreciated. appreciation shouldn't be a secret. share it.
::i'm tired of taking myself so seriously. and i'm tired of other people doing the same. let's just all get along.
::caring is not scary. you should be so lucky to be cared for. and you shouldn't shut a person out if they care for you. it's not inappropriate to care.
::hard is just something that is. don't let it be something that's always. and don't let it define your day.
::adopt a pet.
::shopping makes me feel better. but too much stuff makes me insane. maybe one really does have to do with the other.
::next year i won't remember the nights i was alone, the tv shows i watched, or the tears i cried to myself. but i will if it's all i do. i want to remember the risks i took, the things i didn't think i could do but accomplished, and the times i laughed.
::i remember when a note passed to me in class was a thrill. when a boy held my hand and looked me in the eye. and when i was kissed like it mattered. i want it all over again.
::adventure. surprise. spontaneity. i want these to be the first three words i use to describe myself when asked.
::i'm ready to move forward. and i'm going to make it happen.
::i hope to always have mondays off. they do good for the soul.


  1. I can definitely relate to the part about shopping making you happy but too much stuff driving you crazy. I am exactly that way; that's why it's so rewarding to buy gifts for others-- makes me happy and I don't have to stress about all of the accumulation!


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