So you went to Italy. (v.1)

Him: So I have some exciting news. 
Me: Uh, what?
Him: They want you to come to Italy with me. 
Me: Are you freaking serious?

And so it went. In two weeks after hearing those words, rushing to get a US Passport (yes babe, you told me so.... i should've gotten one years ago) and buying the most expensive and exciting plane ticket of my life; we were in Italy. Sure it was the longest and most exhausting journey ever (but did you know they have little individual tvs on those planes?!) and I learned that I cannot sleep on planes, trains, cars, etc (no matter how EXHAUSTED I may be) but we were in Italy. Flying into Milan deep into the dark of night with the thousands of soft amber lights glowing below the plane was one of those beautiful sights that will never leave me. And considering normally the girlfriend doesn't get to go on the work trip; I was genuinely the luckiest girl in the world. 

After flying into Milan we woke the next morning and hopped a train to Zurich, Switzerland to well, SEE Switzerland... but also meet a good friend of ours who lives in the neighboring country of Germany. That train ride was so incredibly gorgeous with the greenest greens you'll ever imagine and towns and villages that seem like they only exist in hot cocoa commercials. Rolling grassy hills, tall snowy mountain peaks and adorable little cottages with bright blue shutters and radiant red roofs. 

The city of Zurich was amazing. Quaint cobblestone streets, tall clock towers with booming brass bells, busy tourists bustling through the streets and the most picturesque river rushing through the center of town. Besides eating very well (which we did most all of the trip) we also visited a castle because I just LOVE that in Europe; castles are a pretty casual thing. 


Switzerland with all of its history, cobblestone and castles was amazing but after only two short days we hopped back onto a train to get my man to work and see the beauty that is Italy. Thank you Switzerland for such a memorable time.
That post coming soon....

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