awkward + awesome.

-Ordering Chinese takeout and having them ask if you need the bigger portion of rice since your order is obviously for two. Nope, thanks.... just me in this fatty party of one. 
-Showering with the fear of death in my soul because there is a bug next to me on the curtain. But being way too scared to kill said bug in my state of nakedness. 
-Strolling through Costco and having your heart stop and your body pee just slightly because of the crazy loud noise the ninja-like manager's radio made when she crept up behind you. 
-Telling the mechanic you totally don't need a ride home, thanks, and then having your actual ride show up 20 mins late while you casually hang outside the sidewalk waiting. 
-Taking pictures of yourself for your blog outside a very busy body apartment complex. What? I look amazing and totally need to capture this moment for my blog. Sorry you aren't my kind of special. 
-Realizing that every one of said above self-portraits involves the kissy face. Apparently that's my comfortable look. I can deal if you can.
-Having my two very first international orders happen in the same week. Beautiful Blendings: the shop is blowing up worldwide bitches. Sorry, bitches is my excited word. 
-Planning a HUGELY exciting, very crazy BIG, ultimate among ultimate giveaways to happen oh so soon. You might pee. It's ok, I've totally done that this week.  (see above: re: awkward)
-A full day spent with the sweetest of guys. Including dinner, movie, snuggling, wine AND "Funny Face". Real men watch old movies with Audrey Hepburn in them. 
-Planning a rad Valentine's surprise for your super sweet guy and realizing you already have like three other gifts planned. 
-Strangely craving all things healthy and none things bad for me. I am the snack food queen but this week I've been de-throned and my pants couldn't care one bit!
-This pin, oh ya and this one, and definitely this! Oh my!

Thanks again to Sydney for the inspiration for writing these. 
She's definitely in the awesome category.


  1. looove your shop! hello hue sent me!

  2. Hello! I found you on HelloHue :) Love the blog!

  3. I found you from Hello Hue. This is such a funny idea for a blog post, I love it. It's so true about Costco, scares the daylights out of me sometimes, ha!

  4. Sent over from Hello Hue.. love the awkward and awesome idea!

  5. I found you on HelloHue also, love your etsy shop! Cute products!

  6. loving the honest and awkward! So glad Lindsay sent me over!

  7. Haha! Once I ordered so much Chinese food just for myself I kept saying "we would like..." so they wouldn't know it was all for me! :)

    (Visiting from Hello Hue)

  8. Dropping by from Hello Hue. Cute Blog!


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