How to Cook {if you don't like cooking}

It's no secret that I am not the best cook. That's why fella and I are together. He likes to cook. I don't but still need to eat. Thus, true love was born. 

But now he's working looooong hours everyday. And I'm not as much. So I feel like I want to have a nice hot meal ready for my hungry man when he gets home. How very June Cleaver of me right? 

But the problem I have with cooking... besides not enjoying it all that much.... is that I didn't ever really learn how. AND add to that, I've been living by myself most of my adult life (by choice of course) and when you are feeding just ONE person.... you can get by with lots of pizza and spaghetti and less basically anything Julia Child would approve of. 

But here's what I've learned from wanting to be a better cook; even though I don't like cooking. 

Take your time

I am completely guilty of getting all flustered trying to make every component of the meal come together perfectly at the end. It's not important. Take your time with each step, know that mistakes are ok {there's no perfect recipe} and just stay cool.

Work with ingredients that you know and love

If you try to cook something that uses ingredients that you don't like or are unfamiliar with; chances are you'll just end up frustrated. Plus, you either won't like the end result or you'll try to change the recipe as you go and it might not work out. That's not to say you shouldn't try new things.... you should for sure. Some of my favorite recipes involve foods I've never had {hello...turnips!} but work up to it. Start... with what you love. 

Read reviews on recipes

I have learned that with ANY recipe I try, it's important {and time-saving} to first read other people's reviews. Typically I'll read through a page or two of responses before I even head to the store to buy the ingredients for a recipe. Nothing's better than someone who has already done the trial and error. They can tell you what was good, bad or even some favorable changes. And leave a response if you do make something and have new tips to add.


It seems silly probably but I'm terrible at converting anything metric. And if I see an ingredient that sounds strange, I immediately hop on google and find out if I have it or where I can possibly find it. Spices are the most challenging because they cost so much and typically you only need a pinch. Many times I will see if there's something I already have that I can substitute.

Ask questions

People LOVE to help. I have a very hard time asking for it, but when I do....I'm always surprised to see how easy it was. If someone made something amazing that you enjoyed, ask for the recipe! Better yet, ask if you can prepare it together sometime. Friends are where most of my favorite meals have come from. 

Watch ridiculous amount of videos/food network/pintrest

The internet is amazing. I can't tell you how much I have learned how to do, just by watching videos online. It's sad to say but I probably could've skipped ALL of school if the internet had been around. But sincerely it's the BEST way I can tell you to learn how to cook on your own. You can see how everything is done and how it's SUPPOSED to look. You can know what it means to "brown the garlic" or what the inside of chicken SHOULD look like when fully cooked. Trust me, not a mistake you want to make. Take advantage of what's to offer online.  My favorite sites are Food Network, All Recipes, Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box, A Collection of Passions, Whole Family Fare, and of course Pintrest.

Stay in your comfortable zone at first and then start taking risks
{Caution: Above video is hilarious.....but contains adult content. Language mostly.....because of all the drinking.}

Just as the drunk kitchen chick knows.... cooking needs to be fun. Because it's difficult. So you can keep it simple and fun, or stress.  Now I'm not saying you need to be drunk while cooking, in fact it seems to be more dangerous than anything else. BUT, my point here is to say just start with something easy. Don't try to pull off some crazy complicated recipe when there are SO MANY delicious easy ones you could start with. AND, don't worry if it doesn't turn out perfect. It's about having fun. And usually, people will smile and tell you it's great anyway. Because they love you.

Let me know if you have any cool tips to add. Or recipes..... I'd love to hear 'em.


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